Celebrate with a Playful Pals Lego Man!

Let’s celebrate – it’s another great (and simple) use for the Playful Pals stamp set.  This set is great for kids creations, so when I wanted to make a Lego head for a custom birthday card, I thought I’d try it out!

I love how simple it is to create because all the pieces are ready to go. Eyes – check!  Smile – check!  Head – check!  And even a block to make him look like a Lego head!

Playful Pals Lego Man. Kelly Kent - mypapercraftjourney.com.

I love using letter stamps to add personalised touches – especially for kids that will never have their name on any stationary in the newsagency.

Did you have a name like that?  I did ok as a child – Kelly was a very popular name in the 80s!  Not so much so now – I don’t think I’ve come across a young child called Kelly.

Quinn’s birthday present is a bag full of Lego men.  My girls love Lego, but I have discovered it is incredibly difficult to buy individual Lego people for free play.  You can get themed ones in sets, but not a handful of random men.  That is, until I found a top-secret supplier!  I really hope Quinn’s Lego collection enjoys an influx of 20 new Lego friends!

Now, how to wrap 20 oddly shaped Lego men?  My answer for any difficult to wrap present is always a gift bag.

The Petite Cafe Gift Bags are one of the hidden gems of the Annual Catalogue.  You’ll find them on page 151 along with other great packaging ideas.

The Cafe bags are super cute to style & add your own personal (Lego) touch!

Playful Pals Lego Man card & Petite Cafe Gift Bag. Kelly Kent - mypapercraftjourney.com.

If you didn’t want to fill your bag full of Lego men, you could put lots of other things inside.  They are approx 8.9 x 6.4 x 20.3cm and totally safe for holding food.

Happy birthday Quinn – looking forward to celebrating with you!  Kelly & the little misses x

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