Paper Adventures Birthdays 2021

Hello! I know it’s all about Christmas this week, but I’m finding myself jumping between Christmas and birthdays since many of my friends and family celebrate birthdays in December. It certainly leads to some varied stamping!

This year for my Paper Adventures team birthdays, I decided on a theme (yellow) and gift (themed stamping block & Citrine stone) in January and then ran with it for the whole year. It was an attempt to get the packages delivered to letterboxes in the same month as birthdays as these things tend to get away from me!

Across the year the cards and packaging were different which added an element of creativity for me throughout the year. I’ve already shared a few – watch for the yellow, black & white creations that have popped up throughout the year.

This is the final team card share of the year…

The Meadow Dies have been a favourite of mine throughout the year – the foliage making for a pretty embellishment to any card.

The Kraft Gift Boxes – featured in the July-December 2021 Mini Catalogue is a beautiful way to package cards & gifts. I added similar elements to the card for a coordinated finish.

Happy birthday to all of the lovely stampers in our Paper Adventures team! I’m busy thinking of a theme for next year…. Is it time for pink?

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