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I started the Social Stamping Blog Hosts more than a year ago as we were starting to feel the effects of a new world influenced by COVID. None of us were to know what path the virus would take us on and for the most part we are still none the wiser about where to next.

For many of us, and for Australia as a whole, the strategy undertaken by the government to control the virus by controlling the people is keeping us safe. Virus numbers are low and we (for the most part) have the freedom to continue to live a COVID controlled life. I can’t help reflect though what a strange place COVID limbo-land is.

In many parts of the country it’s business as usual. But that’s not without a toll that we simply can’t measure by the number of cases of a virus that is ravaging the world. Our international borders have been closed since March 2020 – no travel out and no travel in without permission from the government. The borders between states have been in & out of closure and the risk of within state restrictions is forever on the agenda. Currently, the state of Victoria are in a week long lockdown because of new COVID cases. There is just as much a risk that this could happen to any state, at any time.

This continues to have a significant impact on Australia’s citizens – particularly those who are already under stress, those with mental health issues and those with employment in areas most affected by lockdowns & restrictions – hospitality, tourism, arts and the aviation industries. My heart breaks for the ongoing pressure on people who are constantly having to rethink, replan and revive themselves and their businesses time after time.

These blog hops have been a wonderful way to connect with stamping friends and provide a regular opportunity to share projects with you – wherever you are around the world.

Today’s hop will be the last one (for now). We finish up with one last colour theme – Subtles. The pastel tones of this colour range bring with them a sweetness and calmness that we sometimes need to wash over us and remind us that everything is going to be ok.

The full participant list for this hop is below. I want to extend my most sincere thanks to every blogger who joined in with a hop over the past 15 months. And another huge thanks to everyone who visited the blogs, enjoyed the projects and gave us purpose to share with you each time.

Stay safe, be kind and putting all the good vibes out there that some time soon we’ll move into a post COVID phase!

Participant List
1. Kelly Kent
2. Julia Quinn
3. Lou Kitzelman
4. Lisa Whitehead
5. Denise Buetler
6. Sandra Collett

2 thoughts on “Social Stamping Blog Host | subtles

  1. Thank you and your Bloggers for sharing your creativity with us during these very trying times. Look forward to seeing more someday. Be safe, stay well. God bless from the USA!

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