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It’s the last Saturday of the month which means another Social Stamping Blog Host. They come around quickly as this year speeds by – but the good news is that I get to hop with my friends and we get to share more inspiration with you.

I, like many, was hoping that as the months of this year ticked by we’d be seeing a global grip on the pandemic and a shift towards whatever a COVID controlled life is going to look like. Unfortunately with numbers still on the dramatic rise in so many countries and the vaccine rollout taking time, we continue to sit within the effects of one crazy little virus. Who would have thought a mere 18 months ago that this would have been the world’s pathways.

Luckily, there is comfort and security in the online space and even if we can’t be together in person, can’t fly to places that used to be so easy to get to and can’t make plans without a level of uncertainty, we can still share, communicate and experience with each other through social media, blogs and other internet connections.

Today we are sharing projects made using the Neutrals range of colours from Stampin’ Up! These 10 colours are designed to be the colour range that bring together your overall use of colour. Together with Basic White, Basic Black and Very Vanilla they are the glue of colour choices and although it’s possible to make a project without using a Neutral or Basic colour, they definitely make the Stampin’ Up! colour wheel go round!

I know you’re going to love the ways my stamping friends have used the Neutrals in their creations. The full list of participants is below. Once you’re started with the blog hop, each blog post will connect to the next one using the ‘next’ button.

Thanks for joining us, have a fabulous weekend.

kelly kent |
Participant List
  1. Kelly Kent
  2. Narelle Simm
  3. Lisa Whitehead
  4. Julia Quinn
  5. Sandra Collett
  6. Andrea Sargent

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