Well Suited | this is ten

February is a big month at Papercraft HQ – a birthday, an anniversary and Valentine’s Day all in the same weekend. So much love to celebrate!

Little Miss Papercraft – the one who made us parents – turned ten on the weekend. She’s an avid reader, loves gymnastics and is one of the kindest and sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She asked for the ice cream punch art card I made a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to create something she hadn’t seen before – something just for her. Pinterest came up with the perfect inspiration in the form of this Harry Potter inspired card using the Well Suited dies. Thank you to The Joy of Stampin’ with Rachael for sharing her HP design which I made for Miss Papercraft with minimal adjustments!

Well Suited | kelly kent

There were two slight changes – trimming the front of the suit dies to create a ‘robe’ style look and cutting a ‘v’ in the Smoky Slate sweater piece – though you can barely see this once the tie is in place. I added ‘ten’ in the retired Brushed Metallic Cardstock (using Paper Rose alphabet dies which I keep in my stash for projects when I want lower case letters).

Well Suited | kelly kent

The pile of presents is mostly books including a 2021 edition of Guinness World Records. Do you remember pouring over one of these when you were a kid?! The girls have already been searching for the weird and wonderful record facts. Other presents in the pile were more book, bathers and a pair of rollerblades. It seems my childhood has come full circle and all the 90s are back again!

Well Suited | kelly kent

Can you believe the first Harry Potter book was published in 1997! I am also probably the only person in the world who has never read any of the books or seen any of the movies! I’ll leave that to the kids and stick to card making HP!

We believe in a birthday month here at Papercraft HQ, so there’s plenty more time to celebrate our big ten year old!!! I’m sure she’d love to see some happy birthday messages in the comments – thank you for sharing in the birthday fun!

kelly kent | mypapercraftjourney.com

5 thoughts on “Well Suited | this is ten

  1. I’ve never read any of the books or seen any of the movies either. However, I did buy my granddaughter a leather bound, gold leaf edged book for Christmas one year. Got a really good deal on it or I wouldn’t have done it. I think the asking price at the time was $50. I love the Harry Potter cards you made. Might have to break down and get the dies and stamp set.

    Barbara Allen

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