Social Stamping Blog Host | oh 2020!

Hello everyone! We made it! In one of the most unpredictable and change filled years many of us have ever experienced, we stand here on the final day of 2020. What a year! For some it has been a year of hardship and life changing catastrophe. For others, it has been a year where the change has brought about positives and delivered successes in the face of adversity. Whatever your year may have been, I’m grateful to have shared in it with you through our shared love of stamping.

This is the final Social Stamping hop of 2020. We had weekly hops during the acute phase of COVID and then monthly hops as we started to return to some sense of ‘new normal’ amid a background of COVID. Sadly, for some states in Australia, the return to new normal was short lived as rising numbers plunged them back into lockdown. Some people spent more than half their year with restrictions on what they were able to do and where they were able to go.

The last theme of the year is “Oh 2020!” with my stamping friends sharing their own reflections on the year. Thank you to each and every friend who has joined me for Social Stamping in 2020 – your support and friendship has indeed been a blessing in the crazy of 2020!

A full list of participants is below. Please leave some love in the comments on their blog.

Although we can’t be sure what 2021 holds, I’m opting for positivity that we can make the most of whatever we face next. While we cannot have great influence over the big picture, we are all able to change the little picture and have our part in the way we go forwards.

Best wishes for an amazing 2021 – full of all the happiness you deserve, the craft supplies you need and the time to turn those supplies into more happy!

kelly kent |
  1. Kelly Kent
  2. Nicole Wilson
  3. Denise Buetler
  4. Lisa Whitehead
  5. Kathryn Manglesdorf
  6. Lou Kitzelman
  7. Julia Quinn
  8. Jan McQueen
  9. Andrea Sargent
  10. Narelle Simm

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