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All seasons bring change – but I really love the changes of spring.  If I was writing this blog post at the beginning of the month, I’d probably be reporting a very different spring experience.  But here we are almost at the end and I’m start to get those spring vibes.  The days are longer, the weather has just a hint of balminess and the paddocks are full of babies.

Which brings us to today’s theme – baby! Let’s celebrate the season of renewal – trees growing back their leaves, plants producing flowers and all those spring babies joining the world.

Thank you to all my stamping friends who are joining me today for today’s Social Stamping hop.  I can’t wait to see all the cute creations!!!  Enjoy the hop – the full list is below.

kelly kent |

Participant List

  1. Kelly Kent
  2. Andrea Sargent
  3. Michelle Strazds
  4. Siobhan Fitzsimmons
  5. Kathryn Ruddick
  6. Julia Quinn
  7. Lisa Whitehead
  8. Narelle Simm
  9. Lou Kitzelman
  10. Chantell Randall
  11. Denise Buetler
  12. Sandra Collett
  13. Sheila Pybus


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