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Hi there!  Thank you for joining us for monthly Social Stamping Blog Host.  The theme for today is celebrate.  I love this theme and the variety of ways to express it.  In a current world where chaos seems to be the order of 2020, it can be helpful to focus on the constants and the things we can control.

Celebrating the good in the world is a task worth doing – whether it’s the celebration of life (birth or birthdays), the celebration of achievements (things that are happening or things that have been completed) or simply celebrating how wonderful someone is.

Thank you to all my stamping friends who are joining in today’s hop.  You can see a full list of participants below.  We’d love for you to be inspired by the projects on the hop, but please give credit if you share your design online.

What ways can you celebrate this weekend?  Can you share in someone else’s celebrations and spread joy far & wide?  Lets flood the world with as much positivity as possible!!!

kelly kent |

Participant List | celebrate

8 thoughts on “Social Stamping Blog Host | celebrate

  1. Wow what different and beautiful cards . We are so lucky to to have all these artists in our big family.

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