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Hello!  This is the last of our Social Stamping Blog Hosts where the theme references COVID-19 and the global pandemic.  I started these blog hops in March 2020 as a way to stay connected as the world around us changed.  It seems fitting that the final theme of this series is ‘change’.

You can see the previous themes & projects by clicking on any of the links below.

Week 1: Hello
Week 2: Thank You
Week 3: Rainbows
Week 4: Friend
Week 5: War & Peace
Week 6: Birthdays in Isolation
Week 7: Family
Week 8: Sunshine
Week 9: Animals
Week 10: Hearts
Week 11: New (Normal)
Week 12: Travel
Week 13: Thinking of You
Week 14: Out of the Box

I want to express the biggest thanks to my amazing stamping friends who joined in across the weeks and shared their talents with us.  These hops have a wealth of different techniques, folds, products and styles that we can refer back to for inspiration in the times ahead.

We couldn’t say goodbye completely to Social Stamping Blog Hosts, so we are changing direction and continuing to hop on the last Saturday of each month.  The new themes for our monthly hop will be linked to socially used greetings & sentiments.

None of us can know what the future holds.  Take the time to do things that make you happy (like crafting), show gratitude to the people who matter and seek out the positive whenever possible.

Participant List | “change”

14. Chantell Randall

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