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Hello & welcome to week 14 of Social Stamping.  I can’t believe it’s the end of June and we’re 14 weeks down the track from where this all started.

You can see the previous weeks of Social Stamping by clicking on the themes below.  The week 1 post has the info on the Social Stamping evolution.

Week 1: Hello
Week 2: Thank You
Week 3: Rainbows
Week 4: Friend
Week 5: War & Peace
Week 6: Birthdays in Isolation
Week 7: Family
Week 8: Sunshine
Week 9: Animals
Week 10: Hearts
Week 11: New (Normal)
Week 12: Travel
Week 13: Thinking of You

The theme for this week is ‘out of the box’.  There’s nothing like a challenge (or pandemic) where everything it turned on its head on a rather quick time scale, to force us all into a period of rapid change.  With that change, comes the need to be flexible, creative and resourceful in our thinking & behaviour.  We find ourselves looking for alternative ways to achieve our goals – we come up with ways to think “out of the box”.

Urban dictionary gives several definitions of ‘out of the box’ including creative thinking, or something that is created using ready made pieces from the box, or something unusual or exceptional.  Humans aren’t so good at change, but when forced, we often come together as a marvellous unit and make the magic happen.

I know we’re going to see examples of all of these on today’s hop with my stamping friends – they are a group of immensely creative designers who create amazing things using products from their Big Brown Box (BBB as we affectionately call the Stampin’ Up! packing boxes).  There’s a full list of participants at the end and the blogs will link to each other to form a blog hop.

Thanks for joining us!

Participant List | “out of the box”

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