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Hi!  Thanks for joining us for week 12 of social stamping.  If you haven’t seen any of the other hops, I’d highly recommending choosing a theme or two and taking a spin around the hop.  Each week since this all started (thanks to the quickly evolving COVID-19 situation), my stamping friends have joined me to share their talents with us all.  Thank you friends, for your constant source of inspiration.

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Week 7: Family
Week 8: Sunshine
Week 9: Animals
Week 10: Hearts
Week 11: New (Normal)

Today’s theme is travel, which has some level of irony given many of us are travelling less than ever before.  Despite the obvious lack of travel we experienced when in lockdown – whether confined to our own homes, or unable to travel between regions, one of the biggest side-effects of COVID-19 has been the change to the way we move around the world.  In Australia, travel between states is extremely limited and there’s almost no travel out of Australia.

We were lucky to be able to contain our island border when the pandemic started and I’m grateful that this has kept our numbers low and our country as safe as possible in these uncertain times.  But, I know many of us long to travel again – to explore new places, to have new experiences and to see loved ones we are geographically separated from.

Australia has been able to relax restrictions in recent weeks, allowing bigger gatherings and more freedom in movement.  So, whether we are able to travel now (albeit locally) or we’re planning for some future adventure, let this travel inspired hop be your adventure for today!

To see the full list of participants, click on the links below.

Thanks for travelling with us!

Participant List | “travel”

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