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Hello!  Welcome to week 11 of Social Stamping.  You can visit previous themes by clicking on the links below.  So many thanks to my wonderful friends for joining me as sharing their creative talents!

Week 1: Hello
Week 2: Thank You
Week 3: Rainbows
Week 4: Friend
Week 5: War & Peace
Week 6: Birthdays in Isolation
Week 7: Family
Week 8: Sunshine
Week 9: Animals
Week 10: Hearts

This blog host started when we were first experiencing changes brought about by COVID – social distancing, lockdown/quarantine/isolation, more focus on hand hygiene, essential workers, working from home, job loss, crisis schooling at home.  So many changes, and if you can believe it, all within the last 3 months in Australia!

As the numbers of active COVID cases in Australia have decreased and new cases have slowed to a minimum, we are finding ourselves entering the ‘post-COVID’ phase (albeit temporarily).  But, as with any major change, we can’t go back to the way things are. We are forging ahead with a “new normal”.  A time where shaking hands with a stranger seems strange, where hugs aren’t as liberally dished out and where keeping our distance from others is no longer rude.

The projects on the hop today are inspired by the concept of ‘new’.  With spectacular timing, this is a great opportunity for us to share with you some products or techniques that are new in our craft spaces.

Thank you for joining us.  You can see the full list below of my stamping friends who are participating today.

Participant List “new normal”

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