Social Stamping Blog Host | animals

Hey there!  Welcome to Social Stamping #9!

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Week 3: Rainbows
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Week 6: Birthdays in Isolation
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Week 8: Sunshine

The theme for today is animals.  Animals are so much a part of our lives, and I know during all changes of COVID-19, there are a few dogs who have enjoyed the extra company of having us home and a few cats who are wondering why we are invading their space!

I know you’re going to love the designs created by my talented friends on this hop.  We hope we can inspire some creativity in your craft room this weekend!

Participant List – animals

  1. Kelly Kent
  2. Nicole Wilson
  3. Chantell Randall
  4. Narelle Simm
  5. Nikki Spencer
  6. Angela Meiritz-Reid
  7. Lisa Whitehead
  8. Siobhan Fitzsimmons
  9. Peta Stephen
  10. Jan McQueen
  11. Julia Quinn
  12. Sharni Haines
  13. Lou Kitzelman
  14. Shannon Kissane
  15. Michelle Strazds
  16. Andrea Sargent
  17. Sandra Collett
  18. Vicki Boucher

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