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Hello!  Thank you for joining us for Social Stamping week #8.  At the start of social distancing, lockdown and isolation, the Social Stamping blog hosts were a way of keep us connecting, giving us a creative outlet and providing a platform to share our ideas.  Over the weeks, it’s become a wonderful journey through this time of uncertainty, watching our communities – both local and global – stand together and fight against this virus that has completely changed life as we know it.

You can see the other blog hops by clicking on the links below.  Each week has a different theme, telling a different part of the COVID story.

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Today’s theme is ‘sunshine’.  For some parts of the world, the metaphorical rain is clearing, the clouds are lifting and the sun is shining again.  Parts of Australia are completed COVID free.  Other parts have seen a dramatic decrease in numbers and as a country, we are hopefully entering a period where we can hold strong against the spread throughout winter.  I get the sense from the scientists that we are likely to see further waves of the virus as we progress through the return to “normal life” – but what that looks like, no one can be certain.

Until then, we’ll enjoy some socially distanced sunshine and reflect on the parts of “normal” that we missed, hopefully leaving behind the parts of “normal” that we didn’t.

My stamping friends on today’s hop are sharing a range of sunshine inspired projects from the happiness of sunflowers to the uplifting sentiments of the Share Sunshine COVID relief PDF (click here to purchase this limited edition digital stamp set).  Please be inspired by the projects that are shared, but if you make something that is a copy or heavily inspired by one of the projects on the hop, let others know the fabulous designer that inspired you.

Wishing everyone some rays of sunshine this weekend – if not by weather, then by craft!

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