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Hello!  Thanks for joining us for week 7 of the Social Stamping Blog Host.

You can see previous weeks of the Blog Host by clicking on the themes below:
Week 1: Hello
Week 2: Thank You
Week 3: Rainbows
Week 4: Friend
Week 5: War & Peace
Week 6: Birthdays in Isolation

This week we are sharing projects inspired by the theme ‘family’.  With social distancing and travel restrictions in place, I know of lots of my friends that are missing family.  The borders between regions are closed in WA, which means many families living in different regions are unable to travel to see each other.  With this being the likely case for the next 2 months, I’m excited to see the projects on this hop and use them for inspiration to send some happy mail to family who I can’t see.

It’s also Mother’s Day tomorrow here in Australia, so you might see a special project or two for Mums.  Sending lots of love to all the Mums celebrating tomorrow – either with their family or thinking of their family.  A time will come when we can all be together again.  Until then, lets send some paper hugs!

Below is the master list of participants.  Click on the designers below to see their project. Some bloggers may link to the next blog, but to keep things simple, this was an optional requirement.


Participant list | “family”

  1. Kelly Kent
  2. Mandy Depiazzi

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