Social Stamping Blog Host | Birthdays in Isolation

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Hello!  Thanks for joining us for week 6 of the Social Stamping Blog Host.

You can see previous weeks of the Blog Host by clicking on the themes below:
Week 1: Hello
Week 2: Thank You
Week 3: Rainbows
Week 4: Friend
Week 5: War & Peace

Hands up who has a birthday in May?  Me!!!!  I do!!!  It’s my birthday month and this would have been the 4th “Kelly’s Stamping Friends” blog hop.  But lucky me has already been hopping with my friends for the last month under the Social Stamping themes.  This year I’m combining the two blog hops – the theme for today’s Social Stamping hop is ‘birthdays in isolation’.

Though we may still be experiencing some form of physical distancing, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate!  I’ve seen some great ideas for COVID-19 birthdays including specially designed tshirts/jumpers, “honk, it’s my birthday” signs outside houses and driveway drive by birthday celebrations.  Birthdays are always special and having a birthday during April or May 2020 gives us a great chance to be creative in sharing our joy with others.  If there’s ever a good time to flood the letterbox of the birthday girl (or boy), it’s now!

Enjoy the wonderful hop my stamping friends have put on today.  Please feel free to use any of the projects on the hop as inspiration to send a ‘birthday in isolation’ card to someone who know who may be celebrating a little differently this year.  If you need a stamp that is perfect for a socially distant birthday greeting, check out the COVID-19 digital stamp collection released by Stampin’ Up!.  Click here to view.  All proceeds from this COVID-19 Giveback project go to specific COVID-19 relief efforts.

Below is the master list of participants.  Click on the designers below to see their project. Some bloggers may link to the next blog, but to keep things simple, this was an optional requirement.

Happy birthday to all the May babies!

Participant list | “birthdays in isolation”

  1. Kelly Kent
  2. Lisa Whitehead
  3. Catherine Creer
  4. Chantell Randall
  5. Mandy Depiazzi

19 thoughts on “Social Stamping Blog Host | Birthdays in Isolation

  1. First of all, Happy Birthday! Next, I love the Social Stamping Blog Hop. What a great name for it too! We have plenty of blog hops, ( can never have too many blog hops), but, this one will be the most cherished among crafters. I would love to send a picture of a card sometime, but I’ve never known how. Can you recommend anything? Is this blog hop open to anyone?

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