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Hello!  Thanks for joining us for week 5 of the Social Stamping Blog Host.

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The theme for today’s hop is ‘war & peace’.

Although there’s been conflict around the world during my lifetime, I’ve always wondered if World War 3 would be part of my life’s journey.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that COVID-19 and our global pandemic status would qualify for a world war.  Instead of bullets and guns and fighting over territory and power, we are fighting a scientific war against a virus that has literally put the world into time out.  We are fighting for control, for scientific answers in a time frame never seen before and against an enemy that is so familiar yet so novel.

As with any major life event, this “war” has brought about so many positives, and the peace – both in the natural world being able to take a breath, and mankind being able to sit still for a while – has been a comfort and much needed reset for some.  For others, especially those on the front line of the disease, there’s been far more combat than rest.

Here in Western Australia, we have been able to “flatten the curve” and are seeing a string of days with no new cases and fewer active cases .  This brings some wonderful hope, which is a relief after some of the chaos of the past few months.  However, as I watch the news, I am aware that the situation is not so good for other parts of the world, and there are communities and cities that continue to be significantly impacted by the virus.  This is war – and to win at war you need clever strategy, major teamwork and sometimes a little luck.

As a global network, we need to all stand together, to be united as one in the face of the pandemic that continues to bring sadness, anxiety and desperation across the world.  This too shall pass and in time to come we shall remember the brave contributors to the war against COVID-19, just as we are remembering the impact that those before us has in previous wars.

The projects for this hop are varied, and I can’t wait for you to see how everyone has put their creative spin on the war & peace theme.  Please feel free to use the creations on this hop as inspiration, with credit to the original designer where due.

Below is the master list of participants.  Click on the designers below to see their project. Some bloggers may link to the next blog, but to keep things simple, this was an optional requirement.

Hugs, prayers, love,

Participant list | “war & peace”

  1. Kelly Kent
  2. Narelle Simm
  3. Kathryn Ruddick
  4. Angela Meiritz-Reid
  5. Siobhan Fitzsimmons
  6. Andrea Sargent
  7. Denita Wright-Smee

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