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Social Stamping Blog Host 11 April Header

Hello! Welcome to week 3 of the Social Stamping Blog Hosts.  You can see week 1 (hello) here and get some history to why this all started!  See week 2 (thank you) here for more amazing projects.

The theme for today’s projects by my stamping friends is “rainbows”. Out of the chaos that is coronavirus, we are seeing many great examples of community spirit. creative togetherness and inventive ways to stay connected.

One of the initiatives that caught my attention was the rainbow trail.  Households and businesses across Australia (and the world) are using rainbows as a symbol to relay the message that “we’re all in this together”, everything is going to be ok, stay safe and many other positive messages to keep spirits up in a time when it can be easy to be overwhelmed.

People are drawing rainbows in chalk on their driveway, painting their fence in rainbow colours, putting rainbow artwork in the windows, decorating lamp posts with rainbow bows and so many more examples.  They are literally filling the world with beautiful colours, sharing their creativity with others and actively working towards connecting with others.

So, out of this, the theme for today’s hop was inspired.  To see more about the Rainbow Trail in Australia, visit this group on Facebook.

I can’t wait for you to see all the bright, fun and colourful creations made by my crafty friends this week.  Don’t forget, these designers are sharing to inspire you, so you are most welcome to copy (CASE) their designs or use them as inspiration for your own creation.

Below is the master list of participants.  Click on the designers below to see their project. Some bloggers may link to the next blog, but to keep things simple, this was an optional requirement.

Participant list | “Rainbows”

  1. Kelly Kent
  2. Angela Meirtiz-Reid
  3. Vicki Boucher
  4. Chloe Evans
  5. Mandy Depiazzi
  6. Nicole Wilson
  7. Sharni Haines
  8. Michelle Strazds
  9. Lisa Whitehead
  10. Rebecca Scurr
  11. Elizabeth Gross
  12. Nikki Spencer
  13. Siobhan Fitzsimmons
  14. Julia Quinn
  15. Lauren Meiklejohn
  16. Andrea Sargent
  17. Sheila Pybus
  18. Peta Stephen
  19. Shannon Kissane
  20. Richelle Fletcher
  21. Narelle Simm

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