Annual Winter Hiatus

For the third year in a row (though last year’s was little more circumstantial than choice), I am taking a winter blogging break.  It seems to be this time of the year that my Stampin’ Up! sprinting seems to slow to a reluctant jog and I realise that it’s time to slow the pace, or risk ruining the joy that Stampin’ Up! brings me.

Consistent blogging takes time, effort and organisation.  There’s many late nights in the craft room, stolen moments at the computer and the ongoing demand for creativity.  I love being part of design teams, participating in blog hops and making projects for my classes, but as with everything, there’s a very fine line between sharing what you love and what you love becoming a chore.  For every blog post you see published by a crafter, there’s many hours of preparation involve – design, creating, photography, writing, sharing.

This mini break will give me a chance to reset, recharge my batteries and play with paper on my own terms.  Or, I might watch my favourite tv programs while sitting on the couch, go to bed before midnight or try another crafty hobby!!!

I’ll be back in a while (mid August) and look forward to sharing with you again.  Thanks for your support!


5 thoughts on “Annual Winter Hiatus

  1. Enjoy time with your family and taking time for yourself. I’m in Perth at present so know the lovely weather your enjoying here! Look forward to catching up after your break. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  2. Kelly take all the time you need, with a young family you have so many demands. Always enjoy your blogs and posts, so look forward to you having this me time with your loved ones.

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