The New Stamps in Town


The Occasions Catalogue sees the launch of a new type of stamp.  It’s called ‘cling’ and looks exactly the same as the red rubber type that we currently know as ‘clear’.  There’s a big difference to the stickers for the stamps – a super cling backing that makes these stamps stick!!!  No more leaving the stickers off so they hold to the acrylic blocks better – this is the ultimate in stamp staying power!


Check out this video from Stampin’ Up! with tips & tricks for using cling stamps.


Labelling cling stamps is a slightly different process than you may be used to. It is important to follow the steps below to assemble cling stamps.

  • Remove the paper backing from the label.
  • Remove your selected stamp from the rubber sheet and remove the paper backing from the stamp.
  • Line up the foam side of the stamp with the image label, then press it evenly to adhere it to the label. Make sure it is correctly positioned before you adhere it to the stamp.
  • Remove the stamp and its newly-affixed image label from the label sheet.
  • Place the stamp on an acrylic block to begin stamping.

Note: Once you place the label on the stamp, it is adhered permanently.Attempting to remove or adjust the label will damage the foam of the stamp.

To see the mounting advice as a flyer, click here to download.

To remove the stamp from the block, grasp securely near the image label and remove slowly. (Cling stamps stick so well that if they are not carefully removed from the block, the foam can tear.) To clean the labels, simply rinse under running water. Avoid alcohol-based cleaners.

Over 2019, clear stamp sets will be phased out and replaced with cling for any sets that carryover into the 2019-2020 Annual Catalogue.

All stamp sets in the 2019 Occasions catalogue will be offered as a cling stamp set or a photopolymer stamp set – depending on the format they are made in.

Stamp sets will no longer be offered in wood once the 2018-2019 Annual Catalogue retires.

I’m so excited for this change.  It’s amazing to be able to have the label on the stamp and have it stick to the block!

To see cling stamps in action, contact me to book a workshop for you & your friends.  I’m available in January & February.

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