2018-2019 Annual Catalogue & Product Shares

One the most exciting days on the Stampin’ Up! calendar is here!!!  From today, the 2018-2019 Annual Catalogue is available for you to view & shop!!!

Click here to download the 2018-2019 Annual Catalogue.

Click here to browse all the products in the online store.

Of course, your wishlist will be long and interesting!!!  There’s so much to love in the new catalogue!

Let me help you budget for some of those items by offering two options for DSP Shares and a Ribbon Share.

What is a “Share”?

A share is a select range of products from the catalogue broken into smaller quantities so that you can order more of your favourites.  Smaller quantities means a smaller cost.  Think of it as a try before you buy option – or a get it all now option.  Buy{ALL} the new DSP, Color Collection DSP and/or Ribbon in a ‘sampler’ and then purchase full packs or reels of your favourites.

What makes up a “Share”?

I’ve calculated what I need for each share, how many people the share will include and the total cost.  I collect orders until I fill the share and then I order all the materials (paper or ribbon) required for the share.  Once they arrive, I cut the paper or ribbon and package for delivery or pickup.  There’s three options to choose from.

What 2018-2019 Annual Catalogue Shares are available?

Prices are for local pick up – to add delivery, see section below on getting your order.

2018 Annual Catalogue DSP Share

All* the new DSP from the catalogue | 12 designs *Does not include the Delightfully Detailed Laser Cut Specialty Paper – this just won’t cut down nicely for a DSP share or the Color Collection DSP – see below for details on this share.


2018-2019 DSP Share jpg

DSP Share – Color Collections

DSP in each of the Color Collections – Neutrals, Brights, Regals, Subtles, 2018-2020 In Colors & 2017-2019 In Colors = 50 colours.


2018-19 DSP Colour Collection Share jpg

Ribbon Share

31 designs of ribbon & trim from the new catalogue including ribbon, cord & twine.


2018-19 Ribbon Share jpg

Buy All 3 Shares

Want all the new catalogue shares??? This is the option for you!


2018-2019 Product Shares JPG

How do you get your items?

Postage is available Australia wide at a flat rate cost of $8.50.  Local pick-up is available from Bunbury, Western Australia.  If you need to add postage, please click pay for postage below.


Make sure to checkout this item to ensure delivery of your paper share if you are not able to pick up locally. Postage is available Australia wide via tracked satchel.


When do you get your items?

Items will generally be ready to post within 2 weeks of you receiving your order.  In the unlikely event I am unable to complete the numbers required for a share, I will refund your purchase via PayPal.  If you are local & picking up, I will contact you to arrange a pick up date.  If you have opted for postage, I will contact you with a tracking number once your parcel is posted.

If you have any questions, please let me know!!!

kelly kent | mypapercraftjourney.com

5 thoughts on “2018-2019 Annual Catalogue & Product Shares

  1. Had trouble with the last contact I tried to send….sorry. I wanted to know if anyone else has requested a share of the new and returning colours, not the In Colours so much as the new and returning colours added to the collections. It would be out of the question for me to purchase a full pack of each of the new and returning colours, so wondered if it might be worth your while (assuming that you get enough takers) to make up some packs of those colours say 4 sheets of each (?) I know it would be a lot of work, but surely there are a lot of people like me that want all the new and returning colours but just can’t afford to purchase all the packs at $14.75 per pack and receive a lot of colours they already have enough of. Does this make sense ? Anyway it was just a thought ! Would love to hear back from you. Cheers

  2. Kelly please disregard my previous email request, I have just found the pack that has all that I requested only 2 sheets of each not 4 but still good enough. So sorry I had missed it entirely ! Too much in this new catalogue to see it all at once lol !

  3. Oh great – that was going to be my suggestion. Good way to find out which colours you’ll use the most of and buy full packs of those colours. The three colour packs that match the DSP can also be a good option. Kelly x

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