Happy Australia Day 2018

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Today Australia celebrates Australia Day.

Despite some controversy over recent years about the purpose & significance of Australia Day (particularly the date it falls on), I like to take the opportunity each year on 26th January to appreciate the country I live in.

The freedom we are afforded, the opportunities we are given, the strength of our nation and the way in which we continue to evaluate & evolve in a constant dialogue to be better.

I constantly feel lucky to have been born into a country (I am first generation Australian with British parents) with such beauty & grace.  The beach is the place that most reminds me of this – which makes it particularly lucky that this is where I’ll be on Australia Day 2018!

Seriousness & politics aside, we have another small issue when it comes to national pride…..

What colours best represent Australia?

Australia Day 2018 | kelly kent

Our flag is red & blue so we often have these colours as our official duo…

Australia Day 2018 | kelly kent


But our sporting identity is green & gold, there’s always green & yellow when there’s sport involved….

Australia Day 2018 | kelly kent

Which colours most make you think of Australia?

I love both combinations and consider the red & blue to be more traditional and the green & yellow more modern.

Either way these cards were so fun to create with Brusho Crystal Colour!

Pop back in on Sunday to see the Stamping Sunday blog hop and some great Brusho projects from the design team!

Have a happy & safe long weekend!

kelly kent | mypapercraftjourney.com

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3 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day 2018

  1. Kelly I love the green and gold card and colours but there is a part of me that also a place for the the ‘red and blue’.! Enjoy the beach and have a Happy Australia Day!

  2. Wow I really love these cards Kelly , beautiful colours. I am for green and gold as it reminds me of the bush.

  3. I too think I am lucky to have been born here I am a 6th generation Australian and I am lucky my kids and grandkids were born and live here also. I am a fan of the green and gold for sport it makes me feel really Australian and although I love the color of the red and blue it is a reminder we are still part of the Commonwealth so its a hard one to split. On Australia day I go for the red and blue as it was under that flag we became a nation. Glad everyone had a great Australia day

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