Thank you for a wonderful 2017!

If I thought 2016 was a good year, then 2017 was {GREAT}!

Thank you for the support across 2017 – visiting my blog, leaving comments and following me on social media.

To my fabulous team & customers – you are amazing!  Thank you for being part of my adventure in 2017!!!

This is my year in review….

2017 IN REVIEW | kelly kent

Here’s to an amazing 2018 filled with pretty paper, new stamps and lots of time spent creating!!!

kelly kent |

3 thoughts on “Thank you for a wonderful 2017!

  1. Thank you Kelly for allowing us to follow you. You are inspiring, very creative and so giving of your time at anytime of the day or night!
    I am proud to call you my friend, so thank you ‘Card Kelly’ for all you do…XXX

  2. Congrats on a really great year Kel. I loved reading your year in review graphic. You’ve achieved so much and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for you. Looking forward to many more crafty adventures with you my friend.

  3. Thank you for your inspiration and allowing me to be a part of your papercraft team. I look forward to many more team adventures in 2018. xx 😀

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