Stamping with Friends – Celebrating 5 years! Part Two

Kelly's Stamping Friends blog hop | kelly kent

Hello!  Welcome to part 2 of my stampin’versary blog hop!

Last night was amazing!!!  And tonight is packed with more of my amazing demonstrator friends.

If you missed last night, you can check it out here, but quickly, here’s an excerpt from part 1 to give you some background…

Welcome to a special blog hop that started as a little idea that delightfully spun into a wonderful weave of stamping friends.

This time 5 years ago my Stampin’ Up! demonstrator (now upline, Maxine Norrish) contacted me to see if I had thought about joining Stampin’ Up!

I hadn’t, but given my spending patterns & growing stash in the 12 months before that, it seemed like a great next step.  And they were offering free DSP…. show me the forms!!!

Which brings me to May 2017 – and I’m celebrating 5 years with Stampin’ Up!, a heap of wonderful memories, a great team and {lots} of wonderful stamping friends!

So, when I asked if anyone wanted to join me, thinking I’d maybe have a nice little hop of 10 or so, I was left speechless (which takes a lot!) by the amazing demos that put their hand up to join me.

So many so, that this blog hop runs over 2 nights!!!  With lots & lots of talent with each ‘next’ click.

Ironically, part two of this hop is actually the first half of the list!

I had so talented friends wanting to join the fun that I needed to sneak another hop in and with the new catalogue starting tomorrow night, the hop went backwards!

There weren’t too many rules or regulations for tonight’s hop – I wanted it to be a celebration and a party.

But we do have a loose theme of ‘happy’.

When I think about what makes me happy, there’s 2 main things – my family & my friends.

Yesterday I focused on friends, so tonight it’s about my family.

I am lucky to have 2 beautiful girls and they love nothing more than to stamp with me (or without me!).

Stamping with Friends blog hop | kelly kent

They are surprisingly good at it for their tender ages – must be the genetics!

If they are home when I am running a class, they always want to join in – and often do!

And they like to have a say in which sets make it to the wishlist!

After some recently good behaviour, I let them choose a stamp set each.  Can you guess what we ended up with???


Every girl’s dream…. puppies & kitties!

Kindly, they let me use their stamps to create my projects for tonight’s hop…

Stamping with Friends blog hop | kelly kent

Part of the fun for me was to give them exactly the same pieces I used and see what they created!

This is my Pretty Kitty card…

Stamping with Friends blog hop | kelly kent

And this is Miss M’s version….

Stamping with Friends blog hop | kelly kent

She’s very proud of her masterpiece!

She likes messy watercolouring too!

Stamping with Friends blog hop | kelly kent

This is my Bella & Friends creation….

Stamping with Friends blog hop | kelly kent

And Miss A’s creation…

Stamping with Friends blog hop | kelly kent

Although she hadn’t seen my card, she’s a classic ‘gotta be different’ crafter and I’m she purposely chose the reverse side of the DSP to change it up!

Another proud little papercrafter!

Stamping with Friends blog hop | kelly kent

I am blessed to have a family that supports my love of Stampin’ Up! and I love that it’s something we can share.

I had considered Mr Papercraft making a card too, but when I had to choose between Mr Domestic God & Mr Papercraft, I went with having my dinner cooked for me while I crafted!!!

I am one lucky lady!!!

Thanks for sharing in my 5th stampin’-versary!!!

Please keep hopping to see what my amazing stamping friends have created in their happy zone.

We go all around the world for this hop – isn’t technology wonderful!

If there are any broken links, check the list below to keep you on track.

Next up is a lady who makes the most fabulous creations, Billie Moan

After 2 nights of incredibe hopping, I am overwhelmed by the creativity in a group of wonderful ladies that I am privileged to call my friends.

Big hugs my friends, I’m very grateful for each & every one of you!!!  More than I can tell you in the blog post!

List of Participants

21 thoughts on “Stamping with Friends – Celebrating 5 years! Part Two

  1. Oh My Goodness!! Kelly, firstly so envious you have daughters (and I still want to steal them) who want to craft! Mine is – “if it can’t happen in 10 seconds I’m gone crafter!” Love their choices, being a cat and dog lover myself, and LOVE what you’ve created… thank you so much for the chance to be part of your blog hop. Congrats my friend x

  2. Awww 2 gorgeous girls – just like their mum! I love seeing how their personalities come out in their creative endeavours. Now what is the minimum age to sign up downlines??? PS I do love your cards too of course!

  3. Happy Stampin’ birthday Kelly!! I love that your children are so interested in stamping, mine are also!! Thanks for the chance to take part in your celebration, it was loads of fun!!

  4. Well done Kelly! Great blog hop, lovely blog post, gorgeous girls . . . and I adore your cards. I might have to see if your girls will let me borrow their puppy & kitten stamp sets too, because I don’t have either of these yet, and I still keep seeing such cute projects!

  5. Congratulations on your 5th year Anniversary Kelly and wishing you Many Many More, and what a great idea for a blog hop!

  6. This blog is a Hugh success Kelly thanks to your organization. Thanks so much for asking me to join in!…B!

  7. LOL, I occasionally get a ‘you HAVE to get that stamp set, mum” from my kids. The last one was Everyday Hero. What a great idea to give them the same kit to see what they come up with. All four cards are just gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog hop, I had a blast and I’ve really enjoyed looking at everyone’s creations.

  8. Love your cards and your adorable family. Thanks so much for letting me take part in your 5th S.U. birthday. (and for al the help for the old techno challenged lady………..that’d be me!). xo

  9. Happy 5th Stampavasary. I know I probably didn’t spell it right, we just made up the word, but you know what I mean. I wish you at least 5 more years with SU! If I hadn’t dropped out, I’d too would be celebrating 5 yrs. God willing I’ll get there! Love the cards. Yes, all of them.

  10. Love your cards, and just LOVE that your adorable girls joined in the fun, and made their own versions. Altogether too cute. I’m so glad I could be involved, in celebrating your 5-year SU! anniversary, lovely. x

  11. OMgoodness…”Your mini me’s” are adorable Kel and just a bit talented like their mum..:0)
    I just got Bella, so your projects are the perfect inspiration, love the colours and design. Thanks again for a fabulous and fun hop and for being you! xx

  12. Your girls both made beautiful cards! My 6 year old daughter loves cardmaking and I also let her pick a stamp set once in a while. She has her heart set on the new Message in a bottle.

  13. I love your and your girls cards, Kelly!! Thank you so much for letting me join you for this wonderful blog hop!

  14. Gorgeous cards, gorgeous girls. You are so lucky to have some company in your craft space from time to time. Thank you for such a fun blog hop, happy 5th Stampin’ Up! anniversary and here’s to another five! xx

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