Wedding Wishes – Bloomin’ Heart Dress

This idea has been floating around for a while since chatting to a friend about the possibilities for the Bloomin’ Heart die but it’s taken a little while to make it to the top of the to-do list.

But here we are – on a Saturday that I hope is the perfect wedding day for many brides around the world.  As it gets colder here in WA we are nearing the end of our ‘wedding season’.  Though you never can quite tell what the weather will be like at any time of the year!

Mr P & I got married in February, which is notoriously hot in Australia.  Low & behold it was 40 degrees + all week (and we’d chosen black on black suits for the groomsmen!) and there was a bit of weather panic going on.  Not that we needed to worry – Friday 13th rolled around and luck was on our side with a beautiful 29 degree day.

This photo is one of my favourites.  Not the classic pose & look dreamily into each other’s eyes (though we have some of those too) but a shot that captures the fun we were having on one of the most wonderful days of my life.

Mr & Mrs Papercraft get married. Kelly Kent -

Enough photos???

So, back to that conversion about what else the beautiful Bloomin’ Heart Thinlit could be.  Of course – with that lace-like texture and great shape, would it make a wonderful wedding dress skirt?  Paired with the detailed little butterfly from the Bold Butterfly Framelits, it’s a wedding dress made in paper heaven!  So pretty!

Bloomin' Heart Thinlit & Bold Butterfly Framelit - Wedding Dress Art. Kelly Kent -

The tux was a little more boring – and not nearly as important!  I made sure the stunning wedding dress was front & centre of this card.

Bloomin' Heart Thinlit & Bold Butterfly Framelit - Wedding Dress Art. Kelly Kent -

Happy wedding day to all those happy couples out there!  Everything about my wedding day was perfect and I’d go back and do it a million times over!  Though I wish I gotten married {AFTER} I found Stampin’ Up! and Pinterest!  Kelly x

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Hearts Collection Framelits Die

Hearts Collection Framelits Die

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