Make A Little Something: Self-Closing Boxes

I’ve wanted to try these self closing boxes for a while.  Like so many great papercraft ideas, they are simple to make and have a great wow factor!

I think the original design came from Kerren Howell.  I also watched Dawn Griffith’s tutorial video.

This was the style we made during Tuesday’s card class using the Into The Woods DSP (now on special!) and the thank you stamp from the hostess stamp set “A Whole Lot of Lovely“.

Self-Closing Box. Into the Woods DSP & A Whole Lot of Lovely stamp set. Kelly Kent -

As usual I left my class prep until the last minute and went with the UK/US sizing to make these.

After the class I sat down and made a few minor adjustments to get them to fit into half an Australian sized A4 page, which increases their economy – making them great for mass produced gifts for work collgeaues.  Thanks to Nanna Papercraft for helping me out with the Merry Moments production line!

Self-Closing Box - Australian measurements. Merry Moments DSP & Santa's Gifts stamp set. Kelly Kent -

Instructions for a Self-Closing Box using Australian A4 cardstock:

  • Cut your A4 cardstock in half (each piece will be 4-1/8″ x 5-7/8″)
  • Take one piece and score along the long edge at 4″ & 8″ (this will leave a 1/4″ tab for the side of your box)
  • Score 15/16″ from each short edge
  • Get your long edge ready for scoring again, with the orientation so that your tab at the right edge
  • Score at 2″ & 6″ but just to meet your 15/16″ line.
  • Score your triangles from making a line from each of the bottom four corners (of the middle panels) to the top middle of the panels (see picture!)
  • Cut the two corners next to your tab & along the three little lines (2″, 4″, 6″) until you get to the score line.
  • Fold along all your score lines, taking care not to extend past the lines.

This is what your box will look like when you’ve done all the cutting & scoring.

Self-Closing Box Australian Measurements. Kelly Kent -

Note: this view is actually upside down compared to your finished box.  The tabs at the top will make the bottom of your box.

To finish your box:

  • Cut two pieces of DSP at 3-1/2″ square.  Make pieces for you panel by cutting in the same way as you scored your cardstock (bottom corners to top middle).
  • Adhere the DSP to your cardstock, matching the triangle shapes with the shapes by by your score lines.
  • Finish your box by using a strong adhesive (Fast Fuse, Tear & Tape) to stick the long tab to the inside of the opposite side and making a box bottom with the 4 tabs.
  • Add a label, tag or sentiment to the front of your box.
  • Once finished, the box opens by squeezing the sides of the top section.  Fill with lollies or chocolates!!!

It does help to watch the tutorial videos if you learn by seeing. You also need to make sure to use a strong glue or adhesive. The tension on the box is what makes it special.  A weak glue or tape is likely to lift after time, which means your box will lose it’s shape.

My colleagues loved their little boxes and the choccies didn’t last the day!  That’s a win in my book!  Kelly x

Scoring Essentials for this project…

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