Stampin’ Up! & E-Cutting this Halloween

As you travel around the blogs of avid card users, you’ll notice that many have other tools that supplement their favourite hobby.  Apart from most crafters loving the hobby of building their collection, there’s good reason to supplement your Stampin’ Up! stash.

Tools (aka: toys for big girls) are a great way to extend what your favourite products can do for you.  For me, the addition of an e-cutter (I have a Silhouette Cameo) made it possible for me to use the great basics in the Stampin’ Up! range to create wonderful custom designs.  I most often use it for lettering to create personalised creations.  But it’s also great for cutting shapes that are just too tricky with punches or dies.

The other great benefit of an e-cutter (once you’ve bought your machine), is the cost effectiveness of just buying what you need.  These Halloween invites are a perfect example.  Halloween isn’t a big holiday in Australia.  Many people don’t celebrate or participate in the festivities and so I usually bypass the ghosts & ghouls in the holiday catalogue.

But … this year Miss 4 decided she wanted to have a Halloween party with family.  Mostly I think so she could persuade me to buy her another costume for the dress-up collection.  So, with a tea party in the planning stages, we used a spider web cut file and e-cut lettering to create these Halloween invites…


Dress ups optional but encouraged!  I’m sure it will be a fun afternoon with my little witches.  Now, what to dress up as … Kelly x

2 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! & E-Cutting this Halloween

  1. Gorgeous cards! What font did you use for the lettering there? I love the unevenness of it. It’s hard to find a “messy” handwriting style font that isn’t too thin to cut well on a Silhouette.

    1. I hear you Christy! The fonts I love are always the worst to cut.
      You’ll never believe me, but the font is actually AR Christy. How’s that for a coincience?!?

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