Classes Are More Fun with Jellybeans! Gift Box Punch Board Lolly Dispenser…

It’s easy to make the link that craft and sugar are a match made in heaven!  My sweet choice is usually chocolate, but the jellybeans that featured in this week’s classes were a hit!

My two classes this week made variations of these cute candy/lolly (US/Aussie) dispensers made with the Gift Box Punch Board.  They were designed by Valli of Stamp Your Bliss and have a video tutorial made by Brenda of Qbee’s Quest.  They have a clever opening at the bottom so you can get to the jellybeans and are self-closing {if you stop pulling jellybeans out long enough to need to close it up}.


Thursday’s ladies used the stunning English Garden DSP to create a gender neutral version in green & brown tones.


We also made a coordinating Z fold card.  This ‘fancy’ card design is great when you need something simple but effective.  By scoring the front panel in half (at 2-1/16″) and then folding it back again, the card takes on a totally different look.


Tuesday’s class made a bold & bright version using the Bohemian DSP and matching colours:




Once you get the knack of putting these together, they are super quick to make.  I recommend watching Brenda’s video.

I am always grateful to the stamping community for their generous sharing of free tutorials that make it possible to recreate their designs.  Thanks, Kelly x

For quick reference, the basic instructions are:

  • Start with a 8″x8″ piece of cardstock.
  • Use the reverse punch on the Gift Box Punch Board to make the closure cuts.
  • On the main part of the GBPB, line up the left edge of the cardstock at the S line.  Punch & score the vertical & horizontal lines.  Score the L diagonal line.
  • Repeat this for all 4 sides.
  • Turn the cardstock over, line up to S & punch again on all 4 sides.
  • Fold your cardstock along all score lines.
  • Choose one of the rectangular pieces (Valli has a great photo of this).  Mark 3/4″ outwards and upwards from the bottom corner of the rectangle.
  • Use a 1-1/2″ circle to mark out a circle shape between the two marks on each side and also connect the top two marks with a straight line.
  • Using your paper trimmer & scissors, cut along the straight line and two quarter circles
  • Fold your box up and staple the flaps on the inside to the side panels (note: my technique on this varies slightly to Valli’s)
  • Decorate the outside of the box using DSP & embellishments.

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