One last play (or 5 more minutes!)

You know that time when you clean out a hardly used cupboard and find all sorts of things you forgot you had and all of a sudden need?

Or when your kids are sorting out toys to donate to charity and all of a sudden their new favourites are toys they haven’t played with in ages?

Or when you go through your wardrobe to thin it out ready for the next season’s clothes, only to discover things you’d forgotten you’d bought last season?

Well, I have discovered a craft de-stash is much like that!  It was a rough process with some tough love, but I have an impressive selection for you to choose from this afternoon.

But, before I was ready for some old favourites to have new homes, I had to have one last play.  Or in the words of Little Miss Papercraft – 5 more minutes please Mum!

I was strong – nothing from the de-stash pile when back into the stash!!!




If you love a ‘new home’ bargain but can’t make it tomorrow (because you’re busy or not local), don’t worry.  The remaining de-stash items aren’t staying.  I will be listing them on my blog tomorrow night, so you won’t miss out.  Local pick-up or postage is available next week.  I hope to see some of you this afternoon.  Kelly x

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