A Happy Hello – Three Ways

Making cards can be a time consuming process – hours spent trawling Pinterest, selecting stamps & colours, deciding on a layout!  And that’s all before the hands-on process even starts!

I’ve got three simple tips that will help you speed up the process and give you amazing cards:

  1. Steal your colour combinations from your favourite DSP.  Each DSP has a core set of colours used to make all 12 designs in the pack.  Find the list in the catalogue, on the cardboard in the pack or on my DSP Pinterest Board.  Or, if you’re like me – choose the colours you see in the DSP.  I don’t know how they do it, but most of the SU! colours coordinate with each other, no matter the combination.
  2. Start with a design and tweak from there to create more.  For these cards, I created one of the cards then made the other two by changing the layout just slightly.
  3. Make in multiples.  If you make a card that you think you’re going to like – make 2, 3, 4…  Or make the same card with different sentiments (happy birthday, hello, thank you).  Very soon you’ll build up a nice little stash of cards.  What to do with extra cards?  Give sets away as presents, sell them or donate them.

So, here is the result of my speedy card making session using the steal & tweak theory:




It also helps to use products you love, so I’ll make this tip #4 – if you love it, use it!  Kelly x

PS, these cards are for my new team members who signed up during this month’s free stamp promotion! #buildingastampinempire

Today is the last day to sign and get 2 free stamp sets with your starter kit.  Want to join the fun?  Sign up before 10pm WA time today and take advantage of the great deal – it’s actually impossible to lose!

Product List

*** Want to shop online? The hostess code for June is MAB6AJXN.

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