First Day of Kindy – Teacher Back to School Survival Kit

Today is the first day of kindy for my big girl (though she’ll always be our ‘baby’!).  I’m excited for her and the new adventures that this chapter of her life will bring.  I’m sure there will be lots of other feelings floating around today for those of us that are new to the kindy scene… nerves, happiness, oh-so-proud – it’s a big childhood moment!

In the lead role of the kindy production is the brave teacher & teacher’s assistant that we are entrusting our little people to.  For some, it will be the first time their child has been in the care of someone outside their family.  For others, it’s a new person to meet & get to know.  For the teachers – that’s a lot of emotion & newness (times 20!).  At the start, it’s survival time for all – and to go with the occasion, I’ve made a Back to School Survival Kits for Alexa’s teacher and assistant (yes Mr Papercraft – the teacher’s ASSISTANT … not the teacher’s “sister” – that would have been a coincidence!).


I have packed each kit with :

  • tea & coffee (caffeine is a must when dealing with little people!)
  • Sharpies & Post-its (every teacher I know is a stationary addict!)
  • mints and chocolate (when faced with 20 excited 4 year olds, they might need a sugar hit!)
  • Panadol (there are sure to be a few headaches!)
  • ear plugs (I know how much noise 1 kindy kid makes – imagine 20!)
  • antibacterial wipes (we love them, but kindy kids can be snotty little gems!)


I’ve packed the goodies into a large jar, so that when the survival mode is over and it’s full steam ahead, the jar can be used again (you’ve got to love gifts with leftover storage!).

The tag was a MDS creation using the chalkboard background from the Back to School digital ensemble and a couple of new fonts (Chalk It Up & Mix Striped).  Add in a personalised message, and the decoration is all done.  I have added a copy of the tag below (without our personal message) for you to download and use for your own survival kit.

Back to School tag-002

Wishing every family with new starters a wonderful day/week/term/year/journey at school.  We are looking forward to a ~great~ year of kindy!  The Kents x


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3 thoughts on “First Day of Kindy – Teacher Back to School Survival Kit

  1. Great idea – love it! I am a kindergarten co-educator (as we are now known where I work in Victoria) and I would LOVE to have just 20 children in our group – we have 28! I might have to drop some hints to our Mums for one of these survival jars!!! Good luck to you and your daughter….

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