You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important – Thanks Milligan


“You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important”

I love this quote from The Help book/movie.  It reminds me of the importance of belief in yourself & the power of positivity – something so special to develop in the leaders of tomorrow.

This card is one I made for Alexa’s final day at Milligan House – to say thank you to the staff who have truly nurtured her and given her a year of enrichment to develop her sense of ‘kind, smart & importance’.


I chose a blue lotus blossom to represent widsom, intelligence & knowledge.  I wanted to depict it in its most natural surroundings, so I used the water photo print from the Adventure Bound DSP stack and made lilypads using the large petal from Flower Fair.

The lotus blossom is a powerful symbol within the Buddhist belief system.  Each colour of lotus blossom has an associated meaning:

  • blue – wisdom, intelligence, knowledge
  • white – mental purity & perfection
  • purple – self awakening, truth & spirituality
  • pink – history of spirituality & it’s legends
  • red – love & compassion
  • gold – full enlightenment

It was fitting given the lotus blossom & it’s meaning, that the quote in the middle was also wise words.  I loved this Tibetan proverb:


So, thank you Milligan – for everything you’ve done & everything you’ve allowed Alexa to be.  We feel blessed to have been part of your family and look forward to sharing with you the joys of the next part of the journey.  Kelly x

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