Giving is the Real Gift of Christmas – “Iron-On Mugs”

I love giving gifts!!! Christmas is the perfect time to be able to celebrate the people around you – by spoiling them with gifts.


This year, my major craft project was monogrammed mugs.

I, with the help of Mr Papercraft, made 33 of these delights to give to my colleagues and the staff at the girls’ daycare.  The letters are a My Digital Studio (MDS) download – Sweet Details Alphabet, made from iron-on glitter vinyl, which I cut using my Cameo.  Super cool idea – very awesome outcome.



To make the letter

  1. Download the Sweet Details Alphabet & Numbers Stamp Brush Set – Digital Download from the online store
  2. Import the required letter into Silhouette Studio
  3. Resize the letter, flip horizontally (it will be cutting from the back of the vinyl so you’ll need the design reversed) and trace the border using the low pass filter
  4. Cut the letter out of iron-on vinyl using your cameo


To adhere to the mug

  1. Wipe your mug with an alcohol swab or solution to remove any grease/oil/grime that will stop your letter from sticking
  2. Remove the clear plastic front from the letter
  3. Place your letter in the position you’d like it to be on the mug and iron carefully using a hot (no steam) iron
  4. Place your mug into a 200 deg C oven and bake for 12-15 minutes
  5. Remove from the oven and gently push against the letter (using a tea towel or oven mitts – it will be *VERY* hot) to secure
  6. Leave to cool completely

Voila!  Personalised mugs.  Of course, if you don’t have an e-cutter, you could still do this project using vinyl cut by hand.

I put a sachet of hot chocolate powder & a couple of marshmallows into the mug then wrapped them all up (the Gusseted Cellophane Bags work well for this type of packaging).

Look out tomorrow for the Christmas card I made to match the tags seen above.  Kelly x

3 thoughts on “Giving is the Real Gift of Christmas – “Iron-On Mugs”

  1. Super Cute. Never thought of using the Iron On glitter Vinyl. Probably a dumb question– but washing / microwave instructions? I am guessing hand-wash and no microwave?

    1. Hi Cass, thanks for visiting. I’m not actually 100% on washing/microwave instructions. The rumours in the internet are that the glitter vinyl if properly adhered will survive the dishwasher. I’m not sure about the microwave. I haven’t tested either. Kelly

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