Coordinating Storage – Stampin’ Write Markers


Now that you’ve put all your ink refills into cases, it’s time to organise your Stampin’ Write Markers.  As they have tips at both ends supplied by a cartridge in the middle of the pen, it is ideal to store your Stampin’ Write Markers horizontally so that each end stays moist.  Storing them in clear mount DVD style cases is perfect.  If you’d like printable inserts for them (made by me in MDS), click on the links below.  You can download just the jpg files you need in each colour story, or download the Microsoft Word file – ready for printing.  There’s also a ‘blank’ insert if you don’t own whole colour collections, you can colour the ‘splatter’ with the matching pen and write it’s name on the line.  Each insert measures 17.8cm (5-5/8″) x 14.3cm (7″).  I love it when everything has a place.  In theory that should make it easier to clean up…. Kelly x

DVD insert C markers2-009

To download these current collections in pdf format, click here.

JPG files:

DVD insert – SU markers In Colours

DVD insert – SU markers Brights

DVD insert – SU markers Subtles

DVD insert – SU markers Regals

DVD insert – SU markers Neutrals

DVD insert – SU markers Retired (blank to add your own colours)

DVD insert – SU markers Blank (blank to add your own colours)


DVD insert for markers – Microsoft Word version – contains all jpg files ready to print.

2015 update – find more inserts here for the new colours introduced in 2015.

18 thoughts on “Coordinating Storage – Stampin’ Write Markers

  1. Thanks kelly have been agonising how to store them, so neat and tidy and flat Blendabities wil probably work to

    Kind Regards, Marilyn Meadows.


    1. I am yet to see any Blendabilites in real life, but I think they’d fit. If not in the clear cases, then the wood ones definitely. I’ll look into it! Thanks for stopping by Marilyn (and super thanks for the comment)! Kelly x

    2. I love your cases. Thank you so much for creating them. It has really helped me get organized. Would you happen to have a case for ink refills that is blank like the marker one? The one that has lines for color name and ink blot to add individual color. I’d like to put all my odd old ones in cases too. Thank you! Laura

  2. Hi Kelly, I came across your ever so genius idea for the marker storage and the beautiful covers and was so excited that I shared them today in a facebook group (aka the link to this page). I hope that this is ok. with you. If not, please let me know. I love that you put the colour samples also on the spines. THANKS a MILLION!
    BR from Isabelle in Zurich, Switzerland.

  3. Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for the links for the inserts ! I have tried others without success. I now have inserts for all the collections ! Soooo EXCITED ! Thanks again, Sharon

  4. Love these- you have helped me get my stampin up items sorted out. It looks like the in colours link for the markers is not working. Would love to complete my collection.

  5. THIS WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful these files are! Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much!!! Linda

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