Unconvention 2014 – Broni’s Card Challenge

When I saw this challenge, I loved the sound of it.  It brought a smile to my face.  When I went to complete it, that smile had turned into a frustrated frown.  Why?  Because the challenge was essentially to use products & a style you don’t normally use.  The idea was to push our creativeness out of its comfort zone.  And I tell you, my creativeness didn’t like it!  Broni’s instructions: ”

Please create a card that is out of your “normal” spectrum… instead of standard size do a square… instead of a square do a circle… think outside the normal realms… Must use a stamp set that barely sees ink and use colours that are NOT your normal go to colours… let’s see what you come up with! Please ensure your card has a senitment that is NOT thank you or happy birthday or thinking of you or normal…. this is a DIFFERENT card challenge…..

And different it was!  I started off ok, deciding to use colours from the Regals collection (Rose Red, Garden Green, Elegant Eggplant) – the least utilised colour collection of all 5 in my craft cubby.  I then chose a rarely inked stamp set – Six Sided Sampler and it’s matching punch (Hexagon).  I added in the Ribbon Border Punch, which I next to never get out of it’s hidey hole and selected a sentiment that under normal circumstances wouldn’t EVER get inked (pssst… from Happy Watercolour).  I started putting it all together, only to realise that my card was … standard size.  Oh oh!  I’d come so far there was no going back, so I cut it down to a square and carried on my merry way.  I’m not sure who I would give this card to or for what occasion, but I did it!  I crafted outside of my comfort zone!  Kelly x


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