Unconvention 2014 – Erin’s Bleach Technique

So many of the Unconvention projects are ones I’ve seen on the internet but never tried.  This is another one of those and I’m grateful to Erin for suggesting I try it.  Her ‘bleach technique’ involves using bleach to take the colour out of cardstock.  Depending on how much bleach you use, depends on what colour tones remain.  I used the Swallowtail stamp, Indigo Island cardstock and Gold Embossing Powder.  If you’d like to try this one at home (and I recommend you do!), see below for Erin’s instructions.  My card ended up being 6″x6″ to make full use of the size of the Swallowtail.  It’s beautiful – in all it’s teal tones.   The sentiment is from Happy Congratulations and I think it’s perfect for a magical golden butterfly.  I’ll be trying this one again with some of my other stamps!  Kelly x


BLEACH TECHNIQUE (Instructions by Erin – thanks!)

For this project you will need the following:
Coloured cardstock (colours that will work well include Elegant Eggplant, Crumb Cake, Real Red, & Indigo Island but feel free to try any colour!)
Large stamp suitable for embossing (ie, Swallowtail)
Embossing Buddy (for clean embossing)
Embossing Powder
Versa Mark
Heat Tool
Household bleach, pour a little into a safe container
Paint brush (the finer the brush, the more accurate your application)

1. Rub your embossing buddy over your cardstock
2. Using the VersaMark pad, stamp your chosen design onto the card and apply embossing powder, carefully tapping/wiping away the excess specks.
3. Use the heat tool to set the powder, it will become glossy.
4. Dip your brush into the bleach and brush over the area you want to lighten/highlight. You can see in my project I applied only on some areas of the wings to give some depth & character to the butterfly.
5. Applying more bleach to a select area will lighten it more with each application so you can get different effects with the one colour of cardstock.
6. Be patient as the bleach takes a few minutes to dry and show the full effect.
7. Once the bleach has completely dried, complete assembly of your project.
**I found that the bleach has not harmed my brushes in any way.

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