Storage Style – Ink Refills in Half Cases

I’ve been planning a revamp of my stamping ‘wall’ for quite some time.  One day I might be lucky enough to have a craft room, but for now I’m nestled in between the kids play table and the dollhouse/toy kitchen.  Earlier this year I added a 4×4 Expedit unit to my wall and just recently I added a Colcraft unit.  It looks amazing and I’m so happy with the quality and the finish.  Col from Colcraft made it just for me, based on a sketch I emailed him.  So, now I’m on a roll.  As you know, I love using the Stampin’ Up! cases to store all things stamping – stamps is just the start of their use.  [See here for ideas for the clear mount cases].  Well, this time around I used the Half Wood-Mount Stamp Cases to make a storage solution for my ink refills.  5 little ink bottles fit perfectly into a case.  You need 10 cases to house the current colours (they come in packs of 4, so you’ll need 2 & 1/2 packs).  Using my trusty MDS, I made inserts by colour collection for them, which I am delighted to share with you today.  What’s your storage style?  Make me jealous with descriptions or pictures of your craft haven.  Kelly x

My Colcraft unit in action
My Colcraft unit in action


Ink Refill Case
Ink Refill Case

These inserts have been made in MDS and saved as a jpg file.  Update (28.06.2014) – I have fixed the issue with resolution by hosting the files on Dropbox.  Click here to download the full size jpg files for each insert.  The finished size is 16.1cm x 8.3cm.  I found the easiest way to print (and ensure actual size) was to put each jpg into a word document, check the size, then print.  This also saves on paper as you can print more than 1 insert on each sheet of paper.

Full collection includes:

2012-14 In-Colours

2013-15 In Colours

Brights Collection – Case 1

Brights Collection – Case 2

Neutrals Collection – Case 1

Neutrals Collection – Case 2

Subtles Collection – Case 1

Subtles Collection – Case 2

Regals Collection – Case 1

Regals Collection – Case 2

*** 2014-16 In Colour insert available here.

*** 2015-17 In Colour insert available here.

*** 2016-18 In Color insert available here.

Added June 2015 by request – Blank Insert for Ink Refills

32 thoughts on “Storage Style – Ink Refills in Half Cases

  1. Can you put all these in a Word Doc like you did for the markers? When you print the Word Doc, is it the exact size for the DVD cases?

  2. Hi Kelly
    Just wondering if you have these for the larger size rather than the half size and for the reinkers? If you had it in word that would be amazing. please & thank you. what a great way to organise reinkers & pens. thanks heaps

    1. Hi Katrina, thanks for stopping by! Just the half cases for the ink refills. Two half cases make one whole case though, so if you wanted to use the larger size, you could put two half inserts on the front. Hope that makes sense & works out for you. Kelly x

  3. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to the new incolor file open in something that will print. I have exhausted my resources. Only thing I can do is open it in drop box but cant do anything from there.

  4. Hi Kelly
    I just found your great gift of inserts for the SU cases. They are really nice!!! I am having problems downloading it to print so it’s not working off drop box and I can tell you it’s not drop boxes fault….LOL! But me 🙂 Is there another way to get the downloads? If it’s not possible it’s ok. Thank you!

  5. I am looking for the Full size wood stamp inserts for the re-inkers. however i am unable to find the link for it.

  6. I want to thank you for these inserts!!! I saw the Pinterest post, and (when I was awake) I worked on these tonight. GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!
    Thank you so very much for sharing.

    1. My pleasure Susan. I’ll be updating to include the 2016-2018 In Colors next week, so make sure you visit again or follow my blog so you don’t miss out! Kelly x

  7. Have you made layouts for stamp collections. I have replaced the older cases with the new cases but need a layout like the ones you have made for markers and refills.

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