Leftover Lattice = Easter Baskets of Joy

Thanks for stopping by today for the big reveal.  Ta da!


The leftover lattice got turned into little Easter baskets.  I trussed the four corners together with some baker’s twine and added mini eggs.  They look gorgeous!


Now for some interesting back story: After my flash of ‘genius’ on how to use my lattices, I did an internet search for the lattice die – to see what others did with their leftovers.  Guess what – trussing up the lattice and filling it with chocolate isn’t a new idea!  There are lots of Christmas pudding lattice bundles and other chocolate filled lattice goodness already in cyberspace.  Nothing is too original when everyone is using the same set of Stampin’ Up! products.  I’ve seen recently quite a bit of discussion amongst Stampin’ Up! users about copying the ideas of others.  I have never been shy about admitting that some of my inspiration comes from the work of others that is posted on the net – Pinterest, Google, blogs, Facebook sharing.  Sometimes I love a card I’ve seen so much that I just want to copy it exactly – the designer has done an awesome job and there is nothing I could change.  Sometimes I use what I need and change the card to suit my style or purpose.  I do however, always give credit to the original source when I have copied a large component of someone else’s design, concept or template.  The exciting part about being creative, is that some of my work is original – either from my own mojo or spawned from something I’ve seen that has grown & developed to become my creation.  I’d be delighted and touched if someone liked something I’d made enough to copy it.  And if they had the same ethos around crediting inspiration that I do, then that would be great.  But the reality of life is that it’s not fair, people do crazy things and there are lots of artists having the same ideas world over.  We should all aim to be inspirational to someone.  Anyway, musings over.  Hope you have a great day and grab some inspiration from somewhere today!  Kelly x


5 thoughts on “Leftover Lattice = Easter Baskets of Joy

  1. What a great way to use the lattice die! I love this idea…I just wish I’d seen it before Easter! LOL, oh well, something to look forward to making next year 🙂 Thanks for sharing you brilliant idea – love it.

    1. Thanks Rachel! Sadly, I hear on the US grapevine that the Lattice Die is retiring. Glad it’s part of my collection. It’s certainly had a workout in recent weeks. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment. I hope to see more of you! Kelly

      1. I’ve also seen it’s on the US retiring list, so sad! It’s such a versatile die.
        Looking forward to seeing more of your creations, I have followed your blog 🙂

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