Weekend Tutorial Time – Tea & Yums

 I found this gorgeous tea bag & treat holder on Pinterest some time ago (original post here) and with a few loved ones having birthdays in March, I thought it would be perfect to try out.  I had a play with the measurements to fit Australian A4 paper size and changed the top to a scalloped tag top.  The particular design I ended up photographing for this blog post is for my husband’s Grandma.  She lives on a rural property and loves ducks.  There is a long running joke about some wooden pond ducks that had baby wooden ducks…. poor Grandma, they had her going for days!  Based on this, the theme for her present is “Wetlands” – a nice choice as it’s one of my very favourite Stampin’ Up! sets.  As well as her “Tea & Yums” gift, I have also made her a gift set of cards and a notecard set.  I’ll write about both of these in separate blog posts.





These instructions are written as best as I can describe each step.  The original post has excellent photos and I recommend you refer back to them if you’d like to see each step in pictures.  My post is useful for Australian measurements.

  1. Cut a piece of Midnight Muse cardstock – 84 x 118. (Do this by trimming a small amount off the short edge).
  2. Place your cardstock on your Simply Scored so that the numbers run along the short edge.  Score at 210 & 510.
  3. Rotate and line up the long edge.  Score at 14, 20, 410, 614, 98, & 104.
  4. Place the Diagonal Plate onto your Simply Scored with the lines running towards the bottom right corner.  Score on the diagonal, starting at 614 and stopping when you get to the corner of the box.  Turn the cardstock 180 degrees and repeat.  Turn your cardstock over and do this again to the remaining two boxes.
  5. Cut & discard the outer two boxes in each corner.  I also trimmed the corners of the outer triangles, as this allowed the box to fold easier.  See the project template below – cut where shaded.
  6. Fold along all lines, creasing well with a bone folder.
  7. Cut two pieces of DSP (I used Midnight Muse from the In Colour 2013-15 Paper Stack) 24 x 24.  Cut these on the diagonal so you have 4 pieces.  Adhere these to the middle of the inside triangles.
  8. Turn your cardstock over, so the side you’ve just adhered the DSP to is face down.  Fold the outer triangles into the middle and then fold the remaining shape into the middle.  [The DSP should now be on top].  The two outer shapes will overlap and form the front of the box.  Keeping them on the outside, fold the box up so it sits as shown in the picture.
  9. Feed one edge of the box into the Scalloped Tag Topper Punch.  Rather than sliding down the middle, it will sit on top of the guide.  Push it as far as it will go.  Line it up so your tag will punch roughly in the middle.  Repeat this for the other edge.  Trim the excess where the punch doesn’t cut.
  10. Line up your box and punch/prick holes where you want your brads to go.  Put brads of choice into the holes.  This will hold the box together.  For extra strength (and pretties), add a ribbon into the hole created by the Scalloped Tag Topper Punch.
  11. Embellish as desired.  I used the duck and the wading birds from the Wetlands stamp set.
  12. Fill as desired.  I placed a tea bag in the both pouches and then a yummy treat in the middle.  It turns out a 5 pack of Tim Tams fits perfectly!


So, there we go – another tutorial to keep you busy this weekend.  I hope you were able to follow my instructions.  Once you’ve done one, it all makes sense!  Kelly x



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