Bursting full of golfing fun!

This creation was another custom order – a birthday card for an 86 year old Nanna who loves golf & flowers.

Golf WM

Have you tried the sunburst technique yet?  Very easy – once you know how – and looks great on any card.

To create the sunburst section, try this:

Cut 8 pieces of 4″ x 1 & 1/8″ cardstock or DSP.  I used two colours of cardstock and embossed with two different patterns.  Take 4 pieces of card/DSP and cut diagonally top right (TR) to bottom left (BL).  Take the other 4 and cut diagonally top left (TL) to bottom right (BR).  This will leave you with 16 triangles and enough to make 2 sunbursts.  Keep them in their TR -> BL & TL -> BR piles. Cut a piece of scrap cardstock to 5″ x 2 & 1/4″ and mark the middle along the long side.  Starting with a TR->BL piece, place the straight edge at the right of the middle line, then add the rest of these pieces until you reach the corner.  Do the same with the TL->BR pieces to the left of the middle line.  Your pieces will overhang the edges of your scrap piece.  Make sure you cover up all of the scrap base with your triangles.  With scissors, trim the excess, leaving you with a piece of beautiful sunburst to add to your card front.  If you are a visual learner, try Googling “Stampin’ Up! sunburst technique”.  Kelly x


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